Work in Progress Award


Thank you Author for giving me a “work in progress” award. She chose me because in July I decided to lose weight and I have stuck with it. I am still considered obese and I have another 40 lbs to lose before I am even in the “overweight” category. I feel like I have only scratched the surface for what I have to lose, but I really appreciate the encouragement and the award. This week has been the hardest struggle I have had with losing weight.

This award is for the people who are working on making improvements in their lives. As a child I was in a play called “Kids Under Construction”. It was a play about people who were a work in progress. The main song went like this:

Kids under Construction

Maybe the paint is still wet

Kids under Construction

The Lord may not be finished yet!

I can think of many people who are deserving of this award. Author has actually chosen Spatula Handle and Ivey story, I also would have chosen  them for this award.
In addition, I would like my husband, The Cat Juggler to get this award for making lifestyle choices that will allow him to be with me a little longer.

I also would like to give my somewhat silent blogging cousin Tucsonmom this award for getting through a difficult relationship in the past few months.

Peter Parkour and his wife Bunny for the changes they have made and continue to make with their job and their health.

Silly Dreamer also deserves this award for being a great mom, wife, and friend.

Finally, my dear friends Mama Kelly and Lady Rose who have spent an eternity moving their blog site and opening the new blog.


Stories from a Bill Collector

My job is that of a trainer. I am not ashamed to tell the world that I train adults. I love to teach adults. It is what I train that I keep secret.

I train people to be “Delinquency Control Counselors” (aka Bill Collectors)

My secret is out.

I train people to be those bastids most of us hide from, avoid, wish death on.

The last month our company stopped hiring. They asked people to volunteer to go back out on the floor to work as delinquency control counselors or they would choose who would go. I volunteered.

I am really glad I did. I have had so many “fun” calls. I would like to share some of my favorites over the years….

1. My first day back on the job some crazy lady began screaming like a banshee when I simply asked if she knew her account was delinquent. She told me she hoped my whole family drown in rat poison before she hung up on me. I laughed about her the rest of the day.

2. A little old lady didn’t realize her credit card was past due and was very unsure about making a payment over the phone and giving her checking account information. She had me answer a series of questions about her account to “prove” I was from the company and not some freak trying to steal her information. She never did make her payment because I couldn’t answer who her mother’s maiden name was. Before hanging up, she told me that her husband and her LOVE to use the card to make purchases over the internet! ­čś»

3. A young guy begged and cried for me to give him back the payment our system automatically took out of his bank account so he could feed his sick baby formula. I felt sorry for the guy, and I gave him back $60.00 to get some diapers and formula. The next day I checked his bank account and discovered he spent the money at a “no tell motel”. Nice.

4. A young guy who was past due on his car note and ready to get repossessed asked if “I” his bill collector would hold off on repossessing his car. “Why would I do that?” I asked him… ” So I can take you out on a date in it before we have to walk to the movies”….He has never seen me. He has only spoken to me over the phone…. besides, who would ask out their bill collector? “Well, if you have enough money to take me out to the movies, you have money to pay your bill” I reminded him.

These are just a few of the things I see. I really love my job and I love when I can do something good for people who are really struggling. I am really not so mean most of the time.

I stuck my foot in my mouth….

Have you ever said something with the best intentions, and realized as it escaped your lips that it was probably the stupidest thing you ever said?

I have done this many times, but I don’t think any of them have been as bad as this time.

A co-worker brought her four year old nephew into work with his mom (her sister) recently. Her sister moved to the area recently and I asked his mom if she was going to get him enrolled in school soon. She made a comment like “With all of his other issues, school is the last thing I want to think about right now.”

A few days later I was talking to my co-worker and I asked her if her nephew was having problems in school, referring to the comment by her sister. She wanted to know what kind of problems, and I asked if he was learning disabled.

I really was only going by what the mom said, and I asked with the best intentions.

I used to teach headstart… I was hoping to give the family some resources if this was a problem for them, especially being new to the area and all.

I have relatives who suffer from dyslexia and other various learning disabilities. I grew up around various learning disabilities and it never was something to be ashamed of. I never regarded them as stupid or dumb… I feel people who suffer from such disabilities are smarter than most of us without disabilites. Learning disabled have to overcome twice what I do in order to function in normal society. I have the utmost respect for those who suffer from learning disabilities.

My co-worker became seriously offended because she felt that I was referencing that her nephew was stupid. That comment actually offended me, but I was so busy trying to apologize that I never was able to let her know that I was offended as well.

I am very sorry for making the comment. I am horrified that people relate learning disabled to being stupid. Before today I never made that connection. Maybe I am the weird one.

Tonight our pastor had a sermon on Pride…. and I realized once again God was reminding me that I need to stop being so caught up in myself and serve others.

I will just hang out in this corner, sucking on my toes…. because my foot is deeply embedded in my mouth.

[image source: Diet Survivors Meditation]