Photo Friday- Unlucky


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Unlucky

Well, I am going to assume that this topic was suggested because of today’s date, Friday the 13th.  Normally these are very lucky days for me. Not today!!!

On Wednesday we were in the 70’s but when I woke up today, there was snow falling everywhere, unexpected.  I like snow, so that wasn’t a bad thing, just unusual.

While I was getting dressed I discovered that my favorite pair of jeans was missing and the other pair was in the wash on Friday Jean day. So I had to wear a pair of Dockers instead.

Soon after I  had my breakfast, and was rushing out the door. I stopped in the bathroom to discover I had spilled strawberry jelly all over the crotch area of my pants. THAT didn’t lok very pretty. I was able to wash away most of it without it staining the pants so I left home with my crotch looking wet…

Then I stopped to get gas. Luckily I have an incredibly wonderful husband who got up early and followed me to the gas station so I wouldn’t have to get out of the car with my bum foot. He is so sweet and thoughtful that way. When he was done pumping my gas my car didn’t start because the battery was dead. I am glad he was there because he was able to give me a jump without too much problems and I got to the lot on time after all.

Things have been ok since then, knock on wood. I have to say I am avoiding ladders and black cats though!


On to my photos, here are some photos we took in the snow last week. They are of the kids wiping out on the hill:

Baby Girls wipeout

Baby Girl's wipeout

Ms. Artistics wipeout

Ms. Artistic's wipeout

Mr. Athletics mega wipeout

Mr. Athletic's mega wipeout

A recent photo of my bad luck, a sprained ankle

A recent photo of my bad luck, a sprained ankle


A setback!!!

I am pretty irritated tonight. I was taking down the trampoline yesterday. Everything was going well and I got it all the way down. Then I began hauling the stuff near the back fence so we could easily access it. On my last load I stepped in a hole and felt my already weak ankle twist.

I was able to push past the pain initially, trying hard not to let it get to me. Then it began swelling. It got bigger and bigger last night. I still tried to act like nothing was wrong. That didn’t last long.

My fears came to fruition. I sprained the darn thing. It hurt worse last night the more I was on it.

Today I realized I would not be able to run on it without hurting it more. I could feel it was super weak. I thought I might be able to tape it, but even then I am afraid it will twist and hurt me worse.

So, no running. Not until it’s better.

I can still walk on it. I did walk on it tonight, but no power walking either. I thought I could but once I started walking I felt it twist slightly. I caught it before I did more damage.

I am going to still go to spin on Wednesday and do most of the weight training this week. I should be OK, just lower cardio stuff on the weekends for a bit. (Of course moving next weekend should be interesting).