The soup that almost was….

My husband is the cook of our home because he likes to do it. As such he is also the grocery shopper.

Saturday I had to work all day so my parents offered to come over to take my kids to their games. When I spoke with them on Friday I told them not to worry about lunch because we would make something special for them. Usually my husband takes these things into account and comes to me later and will ask me what I want to fix for such occasion. This time, he didn’t.

I came home Friday night exhausted knowing I would have to get up at 5 am on Saturday again and my mind completely forgot to ask the Cat Juggler what we could make for my parents for lunch. The Cat Juggler looked worse than I did and went to bed early Friday night.

As I was climbing up the stairs at 10 pm to get into bed I remembered what I had told my parents about lunch on Saturday. I got to the kitchen and searched the shelves, cabinets, everything for something to make for lunch. Everything was bare. I couldn’t even find the Ramen Soup the kids usually eat for lunch.

I ran into the bedroom and asked my husband what he was planning for lunch the next day and he said he hadn’t thought about it. He had to get to work at the same time I did on Saturday. We were screwed. I started freaking out trying to think of what to make, knowing I had to get to bed soon.

My sweet husband decided to get out of bed, go get some groceries, and make some vegetable soup for the next day. I told him to go back to bed, I could do that just as easily, but he saw how upset I had already made myself and kindly insisted that he could do it quicker than having to write out a list for me to go. I reluctantly agreed. I asked my daughter about the missing Ramen Soup and she showed me where they were keeping it, so I had her call the Cat Juggler to let him know that he didn’t need to get Ramen soup for the kids for the weeks snacks.

When we got up the next morning I could smell the wonderful vegetable soup cooking in the crock pot and we turned it to warm so it would be perfect for lunch. Off to work we went.

About 1pm I called home to see how everything was going. I asked my daughter how my parents liked the soup. She said they didn’t have soup, they had chili… I was confused. She said that they heated up the left over chili and the kids had Ramen soup… they had grilled cheese sandwhiches with their meal….

I guess she thought the vegetable soup was for our supper that night so she never offered the soup to my parents. Instead they had to scrounge the refrigerator for my leftovers. I felt awful I told her to tell my parents that they could have the soup, it was meant for them. They were full. I felt horrible, after all we went through the night before and then they didn’t even eat it lol.

My husband knows I am not a fan of his vegetable soup so he made us all manwhiches for dinner Saturday night deciding that they would have the vegetable soup for lunch today while I was at work. Again I called home around lunch and asked my husband how the soup was. He said the kids were eating Macaroni and Cheese. I asked why they weren’t eating the soup. Well, he said. We would if one of us remembered to put it in the refrigerator last night…. now it is bad and no one can eat it.

I started laughing. All that drama for soup that no one would eat. Nice.