Kids say the funniest things….

This conversation happened at my house less than 10 minutes ago. I had to get it down before I forgot.

I am in the bathroom

Me: Can someone get me a tampon and pad please?

Ms. Artistic: I got it mom

Mr. Athletic: (incredulously, in the distance) Mom needs a pad and a tampon?????

Baby Girl: Yes, sometimes girls need both

Ms. Artistic: (handing me the stuff) let me guess, you started your period today right mom?

Me: (mumbling) no dear, I love stuffing packed cotton up my cunt for fun

Mr. Athletic: I thought pads were for girls and tampons were for boys…

Baby Girl: Mooooooomm, Our brother is acting crazy again!!!!

Me: He’s your brother…

Baby Girl: What does that mean? He is your son!