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Calorie Counting and other mundane things

Well, here I am, back to counting calories. This really worked for me the last time because my biggest issue isn’t WHAT I eat, it is HOW MUCH I eat. Calorie counting helps me maintain calorie control.

Saturday, I wanted to see how many calories I eat given to my own devices. I am supposed to eat 1700 calories a day based on my height and weight to lose 2 lbs a week. Saturday I went over that amount by 1200 calories!!!

Sunday, I was sure I would be ok, so I inputted the calories for Sunday and got a whopping 800 over that amount! I know it was the last minute trip to Mc Donalds for breakfast inbetween church services!

Today, I am committed to stay below that amount. Right now it is lunch time and I have nearly 500 calories left for dinner. I am full, I am happy. I feel good. 

The other thing about calorie counting is that I am not denied any food. I can eat whatever foods I want as long as I keep it down under 1700 calories. That is key for me, because my trigger is telling me I can’t eat this or I can’t eat that.  Knowing I can eat anything helps me make smarter choices with WHAT I can eat. For example, I would choose a full steak dinner with loaded baked potato over a small piece of chocolate cake (which are about the same amount of calories!).

Now onto exercise. I plan to walk this week at Mr. Athletic’s practices for a half hour at a time. I am recovering from an ingrown toenail which had to be medically removed, so walking is somewhat slow. I will get there though!

It feels good to be welcomed back into the blogging community. I thought for sure many of you had lost my web address for good.  I have been keeping up with you all as best as I could during my absence!

Oh and one last thing. I talked to Make a Wish people and they have to wait for our passports to come in before they will schedule a date for the cruise. So it is delayed a little longer now!


Some exciting News

Hey all,

I had gotten myself in such a funk since I last wrote. I was down about my ankle which stopped me from running, which got me started back up on my weight gain. I fell off my diet, and just was depressed.

I want to start by saying I have the best husband in the world. He picked me up and dusted me off, kissed my boo-boos and is helping me start over again. I gained back everything but 9 lbs of what I lost last year.

I also have found some fun things to blog about. Most importantly, the Make A Wish Cruise!!!

Yesterday we went to our local post office and got passports. Baby Girl decided that she wanted to go on a Disney Cruise. We have been trying to get passports for over a year. Did you know they are expensive for a family of 5? Yesterday was the day, so now the countdown begins for that. Baby Girl is feeling good and has been cancer free for two and half years now. I will keep you all posted on this journey.

Last year I started losing weight because I wanted to wear a bikini on this cruise. I don’t think I will hit that goal since I went and gained everything back, but I do have a chance to start over and try to lose the weight again…right?

So, today I say goodbye once again to those nasty things that get me big and I start again tomorrow.

I have joined Facebook, I really love the games and fun things there. Here is a recent photo of the family:

3463910656_1de7df43f4_oMost of all, I guess I am back on here. I missed you all, especially you Jan!

Where is the Tall Chick?

As you can see I have been gone for awhile.

I started blogging October 17, 2006 the day my daughter was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma, a very rare bone cancer. This blog was originally begun to chronicle our lives through that horrific time. Many of you have been following our progress.

One thing I found through that experience was a solid faith in God. I needed His strength to get me through.  Now that baby girl has been cancer free for 2 1/2 years, it has been more difficult to come here and post. There isn’t a lot to write anymore, she is doing great, our family has gotten through near financial ruin and we can finally see an end to it all.

I want to give something back to God. He has been calling me for sometime to study His word. I have tried many times and failed because I get so bored. I finally decided to do it through blog format. I am following a one year study of the bible in chronological order. You can find the study here.

I will still come back here occasionally to post about the big events in our lives, but for now, I am going to be there. I hope that you will come alongside me and help me answer questions I may have, or give your opinion on the scripture that we read.

See you over there!

Photo Friday-CD/DVD/Album cover


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled:CD/DVD/Album cover

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So this week we get to do photo art again. OH how I love Photo Art!!!! I chose my favorite CD Pink’s missundaztood album. I love every song she has written and her “go to hell” attitude. So she was my choice. I chose my daughter Baby Girl to help me with this one because she is such a strong young lady with that same attitude.

Here is the original:


Here is my photo representation of it:

pink-missundaztood-front copy

Photo Friday-The Future


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: The Future

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This week we have to take a picture of something that reminds us of the future.  There are a few things that remind me of the future.

Ms. Artistic, Baby Girl, and Mr. Athletic

Ms. Artistic, Baby Girl, and Mr. Athletic

My kids remind me daily of the future. They are growing and every day I learn something new from them. They anticipate graduating Middle School, going into High School, graduating Elementary School, going to college, proms, first kisses, a million different things. Each child is unique and without them I wouldn’t have nearly as bright a future as usual.

The Cat Juggler

The Cat Juggler

I look forward to growing old with this man. He gets grumpier and grumblier the older he gets, but he always has love for me. I have loved watching his hair turn gray in his early 30’s (HAHA). Every morning I get to see his smile is a good day for me. He is my future.

My sister

My sister

Even though she is pregnant with my niece in this picture, her pregnant belly is a very clear reminder of the future. I am so excited that she is carrying another little niece or nephew and that child is growing within her. That baby and her other little babies are a part of my future. I can’t wait!!!

The future here is so bright I gotta wear shades.

Photo Friday on Saturday- Heritage


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Heritage

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This week I came down with a nasty cold and so I haven’t felt up to posting until today. I chose Heritage because I am considered full Dutch and I am proud of being all dutch. I was born in America, so were my parents, but when you go back on every side, One of my relatives came off a boat from Holland. My children’s father has the same type of Heritage so my own children are also full dutch despite being born in America which is extremely rare in today’s society.

Here is some things that remind me of where I have come from:

Tulips!!! Who doesnt think Dutch when they see Tulips?

Tulips!!! Who doesn't think Dutch when they see Tulips?

Wooden Shoes! I hang mine on my wall...

Wooden Shoes! I hang mine on my wall...

My Fathers Grandfather and his milk truck. One of my many relatives who came on the boat from Holland

My Father's Grandfather and his milk truck. One of my many relatives who came on the boat from Holland

Friday 1st May: Tall T’s choice: Future (something that you look forward to in the future, or something that reminds you of the future)

Friday 8th May: Author’s choice: CD/DVD/Album cover (now this one is a bit of a challenge! Choose your favourite CD or DVD or Album cover and reproduce your own photographic representation of it, using your family or yourself as models. You can use any gadgets you want. Have a bit of fun – it’s tongue in cheek so accurate representations aren’t as important as a fun image). Make sure you include a picture of your chosen cover so we can see what you were reproducing! (you may be able to copy one off the Internet)

Congratulations to my Sister and Family!!!

I am going to an Auntie again!!!! YIPEEEE!!!!

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