Baby Girl’s Journey



I began this blog for my 10 year old daughter when she was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. With my strength in God our family will make it through. I hope you may be comforted as you read through this journal. I am so blessed to see how her story is affecting others. I am honored to be her mom and fortunate to guide and protect her through this miraculous journey. I have listed below some of the big events that have taken place along this path:

08/31/06- Baby Girl’s X-ray of her pelvis shows a strange deformity of her right illiac crest (pelvis bone)

9/22/06- Bone scan reveals nothing conclusive

10/1/06- MRI reveals nothing conclusive

10/11/06- Biopsy of bone in right pelvis

10/17/06- Diagnosis of Chondrosarcoma, surgery scheduled

10/27/06– Surgery, right illac crest removed. Golf ball size tumor was in bone which was removed, tumors remain in ball, socket, and femur

11/15/06-2/07- Physical Therapy 3 times a week.

03/20/07- Baby Girl placed in remission-able to jump, run, and play with little problems.

04/07- Baby Girl complains about having pain daily, using cane more.

05/31/07- Baby Girl kicks a football and “sprains” the muscles in the hip. Crutches ordered for 4 weeks.

07/01/07- Baby Girl in constant pain, unable to transition to walking. Stabbing pain in right buttock.

07/24/07-Dr. H determines Baby Girl broke her pelvis back on May 31. There is a very noticable fracture located in her illiac crest. This is the cause of the pain and discomfort. No new growths or changes in remaining tumors. Baby Girl has four more weeks on crutches.

08/27/07- Baby Girl took her first steps without crutches and there was no pain when she walked.

09/04/07- More PT ordered, several months possibly. Bone broke due to being brittle post surgical. Things look good otherwise. Dr. said possibly no basketball this year again.

09/12/07- Began PT… Very sore after first visit.

09/22/07- CT Scan of Chest and Pelvis done w/ and w/o contrast

09/28/07- Full Body Bone Scan completed…Test results Oct. 9th

10/9/07- NO CHANGES, CT scans moved to every 6 months with X-Rays in between, Off the cane again. Basketball still out. Time to party.

12/11- Physical Therapy releases Baby Girl to play basketball. First practice 12/15!

01/08/08- Ortho Onc sees no changes in the pelvis. Everything looks good there. He allows Baby Girl go back to P.E. and play in her games. He does however recommend she sees a gastrointerologist for some neasea and pain issues in her stomach.

03/06/08- GI wants to run some pretty intrusive tests on Baby Girl, including an endoscopy to reveal the cause of her nausea. We get a diagnosis May 8.

04/08/08- Baby Girl has endoscopy. Results from the biopsy next week. Also next week she will be meeting with her Orthopedic Oncologist.

04/15/08– Baby Girl’s appt with Ortho Oncologist went well. She has no changes in her tumors and she doesn’t need to see him until October! After that it will be once a year. The results of all the stomach tests came out clear. Meet with GI Dr. May 8 to discuss the results.

05/08/08- All the tests came out normal with the GI doctor. Whatever is causing Baby Girl’s daily non-stop nausea is not related to anything the GI can help her with. He has referred us to the oncology department and hemotology dept, as well as the heart doctor.

06/27/08- Ambriel has been having severe pain in her spine, a little higher than the pelvis. The ortho-onc wants her to come in for a regular check up (with CT of course) to see the spine and look at the hip again too, to be sure there is nothing changing in there. She will be getting her CT scans with Barium (puke juice) July 15 and her appt is July 17. If all is well at this appt her next one will be in October again but after that it will be every 6 months. Can’t wait!

07/17/08- Ambriel has no new active (malignant) tumors!!! The pain in her back is from where the doctor cut her pelvis bone away from her spine. She will have some pain there the rest of her life. It is like arthritis in there. Next appointment (lung and pelvis CT scan) will be October 21.

08/13/2008– Primary Care doctor has discovered that Baby Girl has lost 8lbs since March. We are all concerned and looking for answers. Doctor is checking thyroid and possible TB.

09/20/2008– Still losing weight, however Baby Girl completed a 5k race in 43 minutes. She is my hero!

10/21/2008- Baby Girl gained 4 lbs and got a clear report once again. They are still watching a tumor in particular, but she doesn’t go back until April 21, 2009. YAY!!!!!

11/20/2008– After a particularly nasty bout with Nausea we took baby girl to see her primary care doctor. She will have a sonogram and be referred to a specialist at UVA.


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  1. I wish you the very best.

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  4. My 16 year old went in for severe knee pain and the orthpedic doctor just said this is “bad” and thinks its erwins sarcoma. Our follow up is on Wednesday to know what to do next. I have cried for three hours.. bless you for this web site.

  5. I just popped in and have watched the video of your daughter, that must have been a nightmare but you made it through- I have tears running all over my face, and then… at the end where you announced that no animals were harmed in the making of your video- I burst out laughing. Thanks for lightening it up at the end there….. I’m so happy for you, Ambriel, and your entire family! And she ran a 5k? Un-real- please give her a squeeze from this stranger who has been so touched by your story!!!

  6. HI TALL T
    Tina thank,s for the blog on spanking,I agree on spanking my kid,s. Ihope the move go,s good for all of you .aunt elly and Iare praying for allof you that all of you will stay strong in the LORD,faith .love uncle tom.

  7. Your daughter’s story is an amazing one indeed. The video made me tear up! ((HUGS)) to you and your family.

  8. Praise God that she’s doing so well. She’s an amazingly beautiful and strong young lady. You must be beaming. I’m glad I found your new site! Should I not put you on my blogroll so that you coworkers won’t try to scan for you on anyone that had your previous site listed?

    Thanks Blessed1, you may still add this site to your blogroll, I don’t think the co-worker would be wise enough to scan for it… thanks for asking first though!

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  10. Ambriel is totally inspirational and I’m very proud of her.

    love Jan xx

  11. By the way . . . I love the name Ambriel. That’s really beautiful.

  12. You have very beautiful chidlren; God will continue to hold all of you in his almighty hands. Stay strong dear mother – You can now exhale. I sense all is well . . . well indeed.

    Peace, Light and Love


  13. God bless you!

  14. Hi there. I am Jon Ryan’s sister. I just came across one of your postings “Why I am Rooting for the Green Bay Packers”. Thank you so much; your post brought me to tears. Thank you for following our family’s story. I am so sorry that your daughter has to go through this. There are so many different forms chondrosarcoma can take and it sounds like your daughters is a fight that WILL be won.

    I will pass on your post to Jon and the rest of my family. Just knowing that you and so many others were thinking about us during our very difficult time is beyond words.

    We are thinking of and praying for Ambriel. Please e mail me if you have any questions about anything concerning chondrosarcoma. Not that I am an expert but in caring for my dad I discovered some good pain management techniques.

    Thanks again, Jill

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  16. I just happened to run across your website. My son was diagnosed with the same cancer in 2005. His was located in his arm. We were devastated. I prayed and realized I had no control over this. I gave it completey to God and I can’t explain what peace I had from that moment forward. I am happy to say he continues to be healthy and excels as a top athlete in competitive sports. I know God has a plan for him just as he does for your daughter. I can’t wait to see how he uses them. I only pray it will be to glorify His name. God Bess!

  17. What a brave and beautiful girl.

  18. Thanks again all.

    We only get stronger by what is thrown our way.

  19. Best wishes for everyone, sweetie. Wow. Your family has been through a lot.

  20. Best wishes to you and your daughter. I cannot imagine what she and your family are going through. As a mother of a disabled child my heart goes out to you.

  21. my heart goes out to your family. God bless your daughter! May He always protect her.

    Iranian Ajax

  22. Thanks Scott,

    She does have a caringbridge page, but it is mostly for family. Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Oh, I am so sorry you are going through this. I love the way you’ve written the highlights here! Have you ever heard of Caring Bridge? That might be another type of blog you could use whenever Ambriel needs more medicine.

  24. stay strong, you are in our prayers… God bless you

    que Dios les dé fuerza y salud

  25. I’m so happy to see her improve so well from the last time I was here. She’s beautiful, you must be proud – so proud 🙂

    My well wishes.

  26. She’s a brave girl. Stay strong. I willl continue to follow her progress. She will have the victory!

  27. ((((HUGS)))) @ Laura

    My heart grieves with you.

    Words can’t express how sorry I am.

    You hang in there with me and we will get through this together. Thank you.

  28. I will pray for her each day. I know what the both of you are going through. I had a 13th year old daughter who was diagnosed with a bone cancer (Erwing Sarcoma). She was diagnosed in 2004 and she passed away in 2005. Hang in there and stay hopefull, she will be ok.

  29. I’m glad that they did catch her cancer (and that now she is in remission). This must be so very difficult for you, your daughter, and entire family. I wish only good things for you and your family. Your strength and love is what has brought her this far, I’m so happy that she’s on the road to recovery. Take care!

  30. I stumbled upon your blog coincidently. Your story about your daughter has touched my heart. I do admire the courage of this young woman.

    Will definitely keep you all in my thoughts.
    May the richness of heaven wonders be upon her.

    ~ Annita

  31. F,

    I am so happy about your daughter being able to put down the crutches, kiddo. Congratulations. ::warm hug::

  32. Hope your daughter gets well soon!

  33. Both yourself and your daughter are in my prayers. God give you the strength that you need to sustain you on the journey ahead.

    God Bless you!

  34. You and your daughter are very much in my prayers and thoughts.

    A difficult and stressful time is the waiting for results and subsequent treatment.

    I hope that by writing here on your blog will allow some comfort and support as well as strength as the journey continues for you both.


  35. I’m praying to God that Ambriel gets well. I don’t know you, but reading your journal makes me kinda small. Here we are, enjoying life and its goodies while poor Ambriel is battling for her life.
    All our strength and prayers are with her. May God provide her the chance to see what the world can offer.
    All the very best, Ambriel. And you too, skywindow… you’re right, its a long way to the bottom, but don’t worry, God will catch her before she falls out.
    God Bless! 🙂

  36. Thank you, we are very nervous about tomorrow’s office visit. She is the one in the middle.

    Thank you.

  37. I hope she’ll be fine – its a hard condition to fight against. If one of the pictures at your header is her, she looks angelic. All three of them do.

    My thoughts are with you.

  38. It is good to know that your child is doing well now. By the way you have a really nice place here.

  39. God has given me an amazing child. I am blessed to be able to share this experience with her. Thank you all for your comments.

  40. may god give you and your daughter the strength to get over this!

  41. Hey Sky,

    First, you are brave. Good for you.

    Second, it sucks that your daughter has cancer. That sucks more than I can imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you and her.

  42. Thank you, she is in remission now and doing better.

  43. My prayers are with you and your family.

  44. Thank you, I appreciate that!

  45. I hope your girl will stands strong in the presence of Almighty God.

    You too!!

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