I am a Liar from the Pits of Hell!


Yesterday I woke up extremely tired and I updated my facebook status saying I wasn’t sure how I would make it through a crazy day. Little did I know when I wrote that just how crazy it was about to get.

I work collections, and while I get called the occasional name about not having a heart, I can pretty much shrug it off and help people who really want help. Most people are just embarrassed that they have a collector calling them and want to get us off the phone and take care of making a payment arrangement as quickly as possible.

My first call of the day was a woman who was extremely upset because my company had transferred money out of her bank account to pay her past due account. I explained very graciously to her that she agreed when she got the money to have money transferred from her bank account to pay her past due account to avoid getting reported to the credit bureu and late fees.

Of course the woman doesn’t remember ever authorizing this and is demanding her money NOW. Our company policy allows that when members call ahead of time and make a payment arrangement, then we can give them their money back as long as something is set up to pay before the account goes over 30 days past due. I went through her notes, and she did call, but wasn’t about to make an arrangement.

I read her the exact note on the account and she said that I was in “cahoots” with whomever put the note on the account and then said I was a Liar from the Pits of Hell. I started laughing and asked her if she really just called me that…she got even angrier and said she did and God would reap hell fire on me and on my life. That just made me laugh even harder and I thanked her for making my day.

She hung up on me before I could Thank her for spreading her Christian light to me today.


5 Responses

  1. LOL! I’m guessing she was a little angry!! LOL!

  2. Hi you! Haven’t been here in a long time. Just came by to say I was thinking about you…. must be because I’m from that pit in hell too since I’ve just posted about a ‘big boner’ and have been posting a series of naughty jokes daily.

    I’m so glad to see you’re still here and taking life as you do! Congrats on the weight loss… that is just so fantastic… truly an inspiration. Keep those jeans forever!

    Mwah to all of you!

  3. The Pits of Hell, that’s funny. David is learning to IM and the other day he messaged one of my friends “Who are you doing?” instead of “How are you doing?” He was rather embarrassed by it, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

  4. As a telemarketer I can so relate …. the fact that you could take that in stride and laugh at it, well frankly I applaud you. I always wind up taking things too personally myself

  5. hahaha wow that is funny stuff girl. I love it when you share stories about your job. You rock CUZ!

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