Calorie Counting and other mundane things

Well, here I am, back to counting calories. This really worked for me the last time because my biggest issue isn’t WHAT I eat, it is HOW MUCH I eat. Calorie counting helps me maintain calorie control.

Saturday, I wanted to see how many calories I eat given to my own devices. I am supposed to eat 1700 calories a day based on my height and weight to lose 2 lbs a week. Saturday I went over that amount by 1200 calories!!!

Sunday, I was sure I would be ok, so I inputted the calories for Sunday and got a whopping 800 over that amount! I know it was the last minute trip to Mc Donalds for breakfast inbetween church services!

Today, I am committed to stay below that amount. Right now it is lunch time and I have nearly 500 calories left for dinner. I am full, I am happy. I feel good. 

The other thing about calorie counting is that I am not denied any food. I can eat whatever foods I want as long as I keep it down under 1700 calories. That is key for me, because my trigger is telling me I can’t eat this or I can’t eat that.  Knowing I can eat anything helps me make smarter choices with WHAT I can eat. For example, I would choose a full steak dinner with loaded baked potato over a small piece of chocolate cake (which are about the same amount of calories!).

Now onto exercise. I plan to walk this week at Mr. Athletic’s practices for a half hour at a time. I am recovering from an ingrown toenail which had to be medically removed, so walking is somewhat slow. I will get there though!

It feels good to be welcomed back into the blogging community. I thought for sure many of you had lost my web address for good.  I have been keeping up with you all as best as I could during my absence!

Oh and one last thing. I talked to Make a Wish people and they have to wait for our passports to come in before they will schedule a date for the cruise. So it is delayed a little longer now!


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  1. Sounds like you’ve sorted out the most important bit of dieting: your head!
    I always think that once your brain is in gear and you are determined, sticking to a diet becomes easier. Good luck ~ you’ve taken the first step towards a slimmer svelte you!

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