Some exciting News

Hey all,

I had gotten myself in such a funk since I last wrote. I was down about my ankle which stopped me from running, which got me started back up on my weight gain. I fell off my diet, and just was depressed.

I want to start by saying I have the best husband in the world. He picked me up and dusted me off, kissed my boo-boos and is helping me start over again. I gained back everything but 9 lbs of what I lost last year.

I also have found some fun things to blog about. Most importantly, the Make A Wish Cruise!!!

Yesterday we went to our local post office and got passports. Baby Girl decided that she wanted to go on a Disney Cruise. We have been trying to get passports for over a year. Did you know they are expensive for a family of 5? Yesterday was the day, so now the countdown begins for that. Baby Girl is feeling good and has been cancer free for two and half years now. I will keep you all posted on this journey.

Last year I started losing weight because I wanted to wear a bikini on this cruise. I don’t think I will hit that goal since I went and gained everything back, but I do have a chance to start over and try to lose the weight again…right?

So, today I say goodbye once again to those nasty things that get me big and I start again tomorrow.

I have joined Facebook, I really love the games and fun things there. Here is a recent photo of the family:

3463910656_1de7df43f4_oMost of all, I guess I am back on here. I missed you all, especially you Jan!


6 Responses

  1. I like kissing your . . . wait . . . you spelled boo bies wrong :mrgreen:

  2. Oh I am thrilled to see you back Tina! The blogging World just isn’t the same without you!

    Brilliant news re Baby girl too !

  3. Love your family photo- you are a gorgeous group! Of course you can start your diet/lifestyle change again! It’s never too late and if someone is going to do it- it really seems it will be you!

    Wow, a cruise, oh- joy! I wish you and your family the best time, ever! After what you’ve been through- ah, to just relax and enjoy… I’m happy for you!

    Glad you have such a wonderful man in your life- you are so lucky he picks you up!

  4. I am so excited you are back again…Love you!

  5. Glad to see you back blogging! Have missed you, even tho’ I see you over on Facebook

    How exciting for all of you about the cruise!!! I hope you all have a fabulous time

  6. welcame back

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