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Where is the Tall Chick?

As you can see I have been gone for awhile.

I started blogging October 17, 2006 the day my daughter was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma, a very rare bone cancer. This blog was originally begun to chronicle our lives through that horrific time. Many of you have been following our progress.

One thing I found through that experience was a solid faith in God. I needed His strength to get me through.  Now that baby girl has been cancer free for 2 1/2 years, it has been more difficult to come here and post. There isn’t a lot to write anymore, she is doing great, our family has gotten through near financial ruin and we can finally see an end to it all.

I want to give something back to God. He has been calling me for sometime to study His word. I have tried many times and failed because I get so bored. I finally decided to do it through blog format. I am following a one year study of the bible in chronological order. You can find the study here.

I will still come back here occasionally to post about the big events in our lives, but for now, I am going to be there. I hope that you will come alongside me and help me answer questions I may have, or give your opinion on the scripture that we read.

See you over there!


2 Responses

  1. I am so thankful that you are reading through the Bible in a year.
    I know this is my 2nd year to be reading the Bible. I love your blogs and I will be reading them as you go through the bible.
    I know I have that same feeling of giving back to God. Everyday I ask Him what he wants me to do for Him. He wispers in my ear, or sends someone that needs help at the store or else where. Just listen and look for his Calling. Everyday I ask Him what he wants for me to do. It’s amazing how He works things out.
    I know that when we have a problem to take to God in Prayer, and in God’s own timing he will come through for you, instead of doing it on your own. Sometimes I feel that we want the answer to come quickly and fast, but if we wait for Him to answer that prayer then that is what is best for us.
    Last year when I read the bible I saw how God worked in those people’s lives when they stayed true and close to Him. And where other’s didn’t and see what happens when they didn’t trust in God.

    Also look for the Salvation Stories in the Bible.
    And dad is a good one to ask questions if you have any.
    He has a great knowledge of the Bible and it helps me to ask him questions.

  2. Glad to hear you’re OK. Enjoy your studies – I’ll pop over and take a look.

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