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Photo Friday-The Future


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: The Future

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This week we have to take a picture of something that reminds us of the future.  There are a few things that remind me of the future.

Ms. Artistic, Baby Girl, and Mr. Athletic

Ms. Artistic, Baby Girl, and Mr. Athletic

My kids remind me daily of the future. They are growing and every day I learn something new from them. They anticipate graduating Middle School, going into High School, graduating Elementary School, going to college, proms, first kisses, a million different things. Each child is unique and without them I wouldn’t have nearly as bright a future as usual.

The Cat Juggler

The Cat Juggler

I look forward to growing old with this man. He gets grumpier and grumblier the older he gets, but he always has love for me. I have loved watching his hair turn gray in his early 30’s (HAHA). Every morning I get to see his smile is a good day for me. He is my future.

My sister

My sister

Even though she is pregnant with my niece in this picture, her pregnant belly is a very clear reminder of the future. I am so excited that she is carrying another little niece or nephew and that child is growing within her. That baby and her other little babies are a part of my future. I can’t wait!!!

The future here is so bright I gotta wear shades.


4 Responses

  1. great blog today T. loved all the photos

  2. What a beautiful future you have show us. So wonderful Tina. You truely have life’s priorities in order.

  3. Lovely pics of the kids and hub! Having had one unsuccessful marriage myself (like you) it is wonderful when you find the right person and you just KNOW they are your future. I feel the same about my hub. And the children – of course they are the future for all of us – what a joy.

    My photos won’t be until tomorrow as I just won’t have time today.

  4. My gosh…your kids are getting so big. Being an auntie again is definitely something to look forward to, especially getting to see the baby for the first time. One of these we need to have a reunion….that is something to look forward to also.

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