Well we are back from another fun filled weekend at a camp for kids with cancer and their families. This year one of the art activities was to make a “Peep-O-Rama”. Peep-o-rama’s are where you take the much loved “peeps” from Easter and make a diaorama using them. We had to come up with our own themes and create the Diorama’s ourselves using the material provided. Here are the ones our family created:

The Cat Juggler with the much acclaimed and loved Peep-o-Rama:

Let My Peep-le Go

Then there was mine, which was a little risk-ay at a childrens camp, but funny nevertheless…

A Las Vegas Peep Show

A Las Vegas Peep Show

Ms. Artistic came up with a pretty “cool” theme:

Chillin with my Peeps

Chillin with my Peeps

Finally, Baby Girl made a scary one:

Twi-Peeps A tale of the sparkley Vam-peeps

"Twi-Peeps" A tale of the sparkley Vam-peeps

Mr. Athletic was too busy playing sports to do one himself. Which one do you like the best?

If you enjoyed these, you will also enjoy the ones that were made by some locals for the Washington Post’s contest, these are amazing!


4 Responses

  1. I like them all, But I like Cat Jugglers most of all.. Let My Peeple Go.

  2. that is so cute idea. great work

  3. I like them all.

    I’d never heard of peeps until a week ago – when someone else told me about them. Now suddenly, I’m hearing about them again!

  4. what a cute idea! I like your Las Vegas peep show…that is just to cute…all of them are cute! I will have to do something like this with my art students

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