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Photo Friday- Easter Celebrations


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Easter Celebrations

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When I first moved back to Virginia I was running from an abusive marriage. You can imagine my hesitancy when I ran into my ex boyfriend from high school and he was all about having a relationship.

I knew I wanted to be with this wonderful man, but I was also scared out of my mind. He had thrown away my heart without a second thought (I thought) nearly ten years before, sending me into the arms of someone who very literally nearly killed me. I was scared that I would get super invested in a new relationship just to be dumped again by him.

He asked me to marry him in February, and I gladly accepted. I just was scared of his lack of commitment. Easter was a special holiday for him, filled with sacred religious and pagan tradition. This day marked a new beginning, a fresh start, a new time for all of us.

He said he would marry me on Easter. I thought he was crazy, there was no way we could throw a wedding together in a matter of about two weeks, and I was still freaking out in my own little mind. He told me it would be secret, just the two of us, and to wait and see what he had planned.

We made the expected appearence at his parents house that day, and I was nearly sick with anticipation. The kids father picked them up to spend Easter with them, and then it was just the two of us.

He took me to a little cemetary in the middle of a park. We were married in our hearts with just nature and the souls around us as our witness. That was six years ago. Now, every Easter, regardless of the day we celebrate our “wedding” anniversary.

We were married before our families in September that same year, but Easter always reminds me of him.

Happy Anniversary Cat Juggler! I love you more now than I did then. Thanks for calming my fears and being the love of my life.


5 Responses

  1. I never knew you did that, that’s very romantic. Nice picture of the two of you. Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary. love you!

  2. great photo t I am happy that you you got cat juggler. he is so good for you

  3. This is sweet! Happy Easter Anniversary 😉 Have a great weekend! Love the pic of you two!

  4. PS: I just took a look at your photo collection (right link on blog) – and they’re beautiful. I loved the egg pictures and the flowers and blossoms are gorgeous.

    Short hair looks good on you – you look moody!


  5. What a beautiful post and a lovely celebration. You two were meant to be. May you have many more happy years together.

    The photo of you both is stunning.

    Happy anniversary both!

    Jan xx

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