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Sticks and Stones may break my…face?

When my kids get home from school I call them to make sure they are safe. My husband comes home ten minutes after my son, but I always check in to be sure they are home for my own piece of mind.

The girls have been staying super late at school because they are doing the sets for their school play, so when Mr. Athletic got home I called him. We had a very pleasant conversation, he sounded like he does every day.

As I was getting ready to hang up with him he asks me “Mom, do I need stitches if I got a stick in my eye?”

I yelled “WHAT????”

He asks me again. I start asking questions and finally find out that my son, while showing off for the kids at his bus stop on his way walking home, decided to “pretend” to fall, except that he actually did end up losing his balance and fell on a sharp stick near his eye. It is bleeding and he has already put a bandaid on it. He is talking to me very calmly and I wonder if he is in shock or not hurt as bad as I am imagining. I heard my husband in the background so I told him to have his step dad look at it.

I am hoping my husband will tell me I am making a bigger deal about this, but no. He says “Wow he did quite the number to his eye”. He realizes that he has a deep gash next to his eye and we decide to get him to urgent care. My husband butterfly taped the gash and by the time they got to the doctor the wound had closed. Here is what he looks like tonight:

Here is a close up of the eye:

One more millimeter over and my son would have lost an eye.  He is once again so so lucky!!!


7 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh how scary!!! Tyler did something similar when he was like two!! Hope he is feeling better and everything heals up nicley

  2. Ok, OUCH! But your son is adorable! I’m so glad it didn’t hit his actual eye.

  3. Ouch! Luck was on his side today.

  4. ouch tell him not to do that agan

  5. He is indeed very very lucky. He came so close to doing himself serious harm. Glad to read that he came through ok

  6. That looks nasty. Praise God he didn’t loose his eye.
    Those V men sure are brave and tough, if you know what I mean!!!!

  7. Ouch! Andrew has close calls with his eyes before. He has a scar above and below his right eye. Mr Athletic is very lucky!

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