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Boys are so silly!!!

My job as a bill collector requires me to call lots and lots of people. Everyone reacts differently when they are called. A lot of people just hang the phone up. Of course those people get called triple the amount of the people who actually answer their phones. It is in the system. Others just sit there and don’t say anything, waiting for me to say “Hello” first. Some realize they don’t recognize my voice then and hang up(still generating even more calls to their home), others will actually talk to me. Most just screen their calls and let the voice mail get it.

I have noticed that when single guys in their twenties answer the phone and discover a female on the other end…well… they get curious. You can almost hear the bored “Hello” and then when I ask for them by name you can hear the excitement in their voice…”Yea this is him…who is this?” At which point I tell them the company I am calling from and that they are past due on their account. The bored voice is back for the rest of the call. Sometimes it turns to irritated voice because I “caught” them.

I always have to laugh when that happens. Of course, girls can be funny too.  I love getting the jealous wife… “He’s not here but I would love to know who you are and why your calling him…” Happens at least 5 times a day.

People are funny.


2 Responses

  1. LOL! I can just imagine … are you ever tempted to speak in particularly sexy voice?

  2. 😆 Twisted little perks you have there. 😛 “Yeah! This is him!” HA-HA! That totally cracked me up.

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