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Photo Friday 01/30/2009


(click above for more information)


Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Black and White Photo (of family or pet)

If you are a participant please put a link to your photo friday in the comments. We have lost so many, I hope some come back again!

Poppy, our beloved canine, licking her chops
Poppy, our beloved canine, licking her chops

6th February 2009:  Mrs Nascar’s choice:  Grandparents( Photo and a great memory you have of them.)

13th February 2009: Author’s choice: Valentine Special

20th February 2009: Author’s choice: Men at Work


5 Responses

  1. I took this so long ago, I don’t remember lol!!!

  2. Cute doggie! What was she enjoying?

  3. That is a cute picture of Perry!!!!!!

    Last time I checked mom, your dog is Perry… Mine is Poppy, her sister…. lol

  4. welcome back

    great photo of poppy

  5. Love the chop licking!

    Thanks for the appeal for new members. I still enjoy doing Photo Friday myself so will keep doing it but we do seen a rather small club now!

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