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Who are you rooting for?

Everyone who reads my blog knows I am a die hard Redskins fan. I have been a Skins fan since I was 12 yrs old. I heart the team. They had a “re-building” year this year (I think it is the umpteenth one in a row, but who’s counting?) and they didnt make it to the play-offs.

However the Cardinals did…and I can remember when the Cardinals came to Arizona in 1987. They were originally the Phoenix Cardinals and became Arizona Cardinals in 1994. I lived there during  those years, all but 4 of them. They royally sucked, and mostly were a joke to Arizona.

logo640I have enjoyed watching them grow up, and doing as well as they are. I was shocked to hear they won the division title and really thought it was a joke when I heard it. My jaw hit the floor.

This Sunday, we will be wearing red and white. Mr. Athletic played on the Cardinals team on his Pee Wee League this year, so he has a jersey already. We will be flying high as we watch the Cardinals soar on Sunday Night.

Besides…. It will be nice to watch the Stuck Up Steelers go down in a sea of agony.


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  1. ya go cardinals

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