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God works in mysterious ways

Do you all remember how badly I fretted about going through foreclosure, losing our home, having to move to a new neighborhood?

I have to say that God blessed us above and beyond my wildest dreams with that devastating situation.

While we lived there, my son, Mr. Athletic would often go to an open field to play football with the neighborhood boys. Some of these boys played for the local high school, and many of them were starters on the team. They were good boys and they taught Mr. Athletic a lot of what he knows about football. They saw a lot of potential in him and treated him like a little brother. They also provided him with the kinship of other boys as he is often the only boy in our family while my husband is away. They were the big brothers he longed for.

He would beg me to go play at the field and I always knew he was in good hands with those kids. I went to their high school football games and met their moms. The quarterback of the team, his dad is Baby Girls basketball coach and came to the hospital to see her after her surgery. He played with his blue grass band at a silent auction to benefit her. These people we are close with, and his team mates, our neighbors, I knew.

About 2 weeks ago I open the local paper and I came across an article and my heart dropped. You can read it at the end. I will link it.

The day after I had my procedure, the day I would have been laid up and Mr. Athletic would have been begging me again and again to leave the house to play football with his friends, that same group of boys were playing on that lot.

Some boys from another school drove to the field to “play football”. The boys I thought I knew so well jumped these two boys and beat them bloody. It was 9 kids against 2. Not even a chance. Even more disheartning??? The rest of the kids that usually play football cheered the 9 on while they beat the crap out of those kids. Some even took cell phone videos of the beating and put it on their myspace pages.

My son would have been there. I know he would have been in the midst of that. I hope he wouldn’t be cheering those kids on… but they were his friends….the ones I thought we knew so well.

The nine kids have been arrested. Six of them have been charged as adults. Four of those six kids were starters on the highschool football team. Thankfully, that quarterback wasn’t there, but he helped many of them get full scholarships to colleges. That is gone now. They will be going to court. Their football dream has been taken away, as it should be.

The two kids were left in that field bleeding. They had to call 911 themselves because no one else did. One has a brain injury and nerve damage to his jaw. The other lacerated his liver and had surgery for a broken jaw.

There is conflicting stories about why… The two kids claim they were going to play football. The ones in jail say those kids were coming to jump one of the 17 yr old kids on the field. The camera shows those two getting out of the car with their hands in their pockets when the mob started beating them.

I am so thankful that we moved. Even more so now. My son is only 10. What a horrible thing for him to witness and be a part of at his age. Here is a link to the story.


6 Responses

  1. omg Tall T! So yes, he does work in mysterious and wonderful ways. I’m also glad your son didn’t have to live through that. ugh!

  2. Oh Tina, that is just so awful. God indeed does work in mysterious ways and I am so thankful your son wasn’t there.

  3. you just never know. I am equally happy your son was not there to witness any of it.

  4. Oh what a horrible story!! Im so glad that Mr Ahtletic didnt have to witness any of it

  5. Oh my gosh! That is terrible, people are so unpredictable. You think you know them and then they pull something that you would never expect them to do. Glad that Mr. Athletic wasn’t there to witness that!

  6. How terribly horrible. Mob mentality at its worst. I’m glad you guys weren’t around for that episode. The thought of it plain sickening. Just goes to show, you can never be to careful where your kids are concerned. Even when you think you know, you don’t. Unfortunately we can’t always be there, and keeping them under lock and key at all times is out of the question. Be thankful you have suck good relationships with all of your kids, and that they have such good heads on their shoulders. 😉

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