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Things to do when your sick after Christmas

So this week I have been suffering hard with a sinus cold which is now turning into bronchitis. I have been on my nebulizer off and on yesterday and again today. Here are some things I have been doing while I have been sick.

1. Cuddle up in the new throw blanket you got for Christmas. Hide under it and see how long it takes for someone to find you besides the dog or cat.

2. Cough at the dog and see if it will bark back at you.

3. Stop using hair gel to get your hair to spike…instead use the sweat pouring off your head

4. See how loud you can whisper-yell at the kids.

5. Use your husbands brand new nerf gun and shoot bullets at the New Years ball while it drops. Then try to hit Carson Daily in the nuts with it.

6. Count how many times VH1 re-runs Real Chance of Love every day.

7. Take Nyquil and stay awake. Then go to your Windows Media and play a song. The colors are even more groovy than before.

8. Wait until everyone leaves the room. Then lie down with your head under the Christmas Tree and stare at the pretty blinking lights. See how long it takes for someone to call 911.

9. Do a video and post it for your blog friends where you look normal and the dog talks….Then fall asleep while you try to upload it on the internet.

12. Write a post about all the things you do when your sick after Christmas, and don’t edit it. See if it is really as funny as it seems when you are writing it.


5 Responses

  1. this list might be pretty useful now that I caught your sinus cold! hmm… #7 seems like something I’ll do.

  2. Oh hun I do that sinus infection turning into bronchitis several times a year. I am sorry that you are feeling so miserable … I am sorry as well about your car.

    May you feel better soon
    and may eerything else work out as well!

  3. Yep … I right there with you giving out the sympathy. I’ve had flu this week and feel like shit!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. hope you feel better soon! That’s a pretty funny list of things to do.

  5. Oh girl- I feel your pain. I have been sick with the same thing- only it’s going on 3 weeks! Every time it seems to turn the corner and go away, it comes back worse. I hope you feel better. How long did it take for someone to find you under your blanket (besides the pets) ???

    I don’t think anyone would ever come looking for me! But, I know my pup Cozmo always will- LOL!

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