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Weight Update

This week has been so amazingly busy. Yesterday was my 11th day straight working in a row. Add in there all the basketball practices, Chorus Concerts, Play tryouts, Church, and Christmas stuff…well… you can imagine just how busy I was.

I missed Photo Friday for the first time since I started too, which wasn’t intended. Our electric was off all night. More about that in another post.

Today I weighed in at 266.6. I lost .4 lbs. Not the pound I hoped for,but it is still going down and it is the holiday season.

I hope and pray this week is well for all of you.


3 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas, T! 😀

  2. I missed you on Photo Friday! Congrats on the contining weight loss though – fantastic.

  3. Im sorry you didnt lose as much as you hoped but I am personally so impressed with your overall loss so far.

    May the holiday season be wonderful for all of you, may 2009 b fille with many blessings

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