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Weigh In

I am down another 1.2 lbs. YAY! I have made losing a pound a week my new goal. It will take longer this way, but I think it is healthier and more doable for me.

This week I came accross something unexpected with my weight loss. I expected my pants to stop fitting, and they have. I expected my face to show my weight loss first, and it has.

I never expected to lose my bra. My bra’s are at the tightest fitting and sliding down my back. I normally wear strapless numbers because I always show the strap somehow otherwise. Now those bras are not only the wrong cup size, but sliding down my back. The other day I was at my computer and I looked down and I had 4 sets of boobs. Two of them were my normal girls, standing at attention from the cool draft, and the bottom ones were belly level created from the bra….sigh.  Ladies, I hope you can feel my pain when I say that pulling a bra up without notice at work is nearly impossible to do!!!!

I can’t complain, because I know that this is a direct result of all my weight loss.

So all I want for Christmas this year is some bra’s. I know I won’t get any since my husband prefers me without them….

6 Responses

  1. You are awesome! Keep going you are going to be a MILF…. not that you arent already =0)

  2. great job

  3. :))

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