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Photo Friday Christmas Lights


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Christmas Lights

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I just love the Christmas season! When I was a child we would walk through a neighborhood in Tucson called WinterHaven. All the houses were decked out beyond belief with lights. It is a special childhood memory. I am sad my own children don’t remember Winterhaven, but we love to see the lights on houses in our area. One such house is this one that we found driving home the other night:

And now, some photos from around my home.


19th December: Author’s choice – The Festive Season

26th December: Photo Friday is taking a break ……. BUT as an option … for those full up with turkey … stuffed to the gills with chocolates … all boozed out … needing a break from the relatives … sick of the festive TV programmes … itching for some “me time” on the computer …. you can post: “funny Christmas photos OR video or of my family” – past and present pictures acceptable! The funnier and more festive the better!

2nd January: New year Video Challenge entitled: New Year Resolutions! (be brave, commit your New Year Resolutions to video so we can all check up on you achieving them as the year progresses!)

6 Responses

  1. I love the banister pic too.

    We have been going to winterhaven for the past four years with Johns parents. I dont think we are going this year though. We take hot cocoa spiked with schnapps.. lol The kids have a good time, I just end up with hay in my pants.. lol

  2. Pretty pretty pretty! I wish I could have my house all decorated up on the outside like that. BUT I would probably have to pay someone to come and do it. I also like the bannister one. Makes me warm and Christmassy feeling to look at it!

  3. great photos T. I just love the 1st one and the banister. it funny we have the same angle on our tree.

  4. The banister pic is still my favorite.

  5. The festive lights and decorations are just beautiful.

  6. Very nice pics. I love looking at Christmas lights.

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