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My girls can sing!

Tonight my girls had a concert at their school. Baby Girl actually was part of a quartet at the end of the song. The last note is a killer, not sure who hit it but here is the video. The quality is poor, but the sound is good:

Ms. Artistic sang with the guitar class. Please forgive the video quality:

4 Responses

  1. great singing. Hey T do you rember when Ms. Artistic was in little red hen. she had a great voice then.

  2. Very nice singing. Sorry I missed it!!!!
    The kids all sounded great.

  3. I’d love to frolic through Austria!!! I love to sing! I didn’t know Babygirl was in a choir…they both sounded great. Andrew has his first band recital on Tuesday, I can’t wait to hear him play.

  4. We should dress them in old curtains and frolic through the Austrian countryside.

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