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Work in Progress Award


Thank you Author for giving me a “work in progress” award. She chose me because in July I decided to lose weight and I have stuck with it. I am still considered obese and I have another 40 lbs to lose before I am even in the “overweight” category. I feel like I have only scratched the surface for what I have to lose, but I really appreciate the encouragement and the award. This week has been the hardest struggle I have had with losing weight.

This award is for the people who are working on making improvements in their lives. As a child I was in a play called “Kids Under Construction”. It was a play about people who were a work in progress. The main song went like this:

Kids under Construction

Maybe the paint is still wet

Kids under Construction

The Lord may not be finished yet!

I can think of many people who are deserving of this award. Author has actually chosen Spatula Handle and Ivey story, I also would have chosen  them for this award.
In addition, I would like my husband, The Cat Juggler to get this award for making lifestyle choices that will allow him to be with me a little longer.

I also would like to give my somewhat silent blogging cousin Tucsonmom this award for getting through a difficult relationship in the past few months.

Peter Parkour and his wife Bunny for the changes they have made and continue to make with their job and their health.

Silly Dreamer also deserves this award for being a great mom, wife, and friend.

Finally, my dear friends Mama Kelly and Lady Rose who have spent an eternity moving their blog site and opening the new blog.


6 Responses

  1. First of all I am very proud of you for loosing the weight you already lost!!! You Go Girl!!!! Just keep working on it. And you look really good.

    Second… I remember that song that you mentioned. and that song always stuck to me when I was a young mom with four children. But no matter how old you are you are still under construction, and until the day the Lord takes you home.

    I to am working on loosing weight. and all these years I would sit in front of the tv watching my soaps and they would advertise food, and of course you get looking at all that good stuff, so the next thing you know it you are in the kitchen trying to find something to eat. Plus I find myself under stress or under pressure I want to eat as well. Or there is something in the kitchen that is tempting and you want it now instead of waiting. Well I have changed that as well.

    A couple of weeks ago at a women’s Bible study, we learned about temptation. I thought about it all the way home, and realized that for a very long time, I’ve been tempted with food. So now I quit buying stuff that I will be tempted to eat, I quit getting tempted to go to taco bell and have a taco salad (the colaries are so high in the taco shell), and every day I am tempted by something. So now I say a prayer every day that
    God will keep me from being tempted of those food that I love to eat. And it’s helping.
    I am now loosing wieght again. I have not been down this weight in a long time. And I’m happy that this idea is working.

    Love you tall chick and keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Thank you for the award Tina. I am so, so proud of you and sticking with your new lifestyle. You can see such a difference in your pictures but I think even more importantly, in your whole being 🙂 You were wonderful before and you just keep getting better. You ROCK!

  3. You know, as good as you’re doing, you’re almost not worthy of this award. You’re not working on it. You’re making it happen. Kicking @ss and taking names. 😛 Damn you’re good, and very deserving of such a nice award. 😉

  4. […] In Progress Award Posted on December 11, 2008 by Peter Parkour Tall T, over at, Tall Chick Tales, has bestowed upon Bunny and I this prestigious award for our ongoing efforts to better our lives […]

  5. Congrats!!!!

  6. Wow, thank you, T. I’m not sure how deserving we are, but hey, We are a work in progress. 😉 I am posting something in your honor just after midnight (Mountain Time)tonight, but I was planning on doing this since last week. Pretty cool timing I guess. 😀 Anyway, I hope you like it. Thank you very much for the award. I’m gonna head back over to my place and see if I can’t find some room for it on my mantel. :mrgreen: Thanks again.

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