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80’s Monday- A Christmas Story

80’s Monday

This is the best Christmas movie ever released, and it was released in the 80’s. This scene still makes me laugh with tears coming down my face. It is the best ever:

December 8, 2008

A Christmas Story-The Leg Lamp


6 Responses

  1. Ah a favorite holiday movie in our house as well.

  2. i’s love to have those for a christams party

  3. I just love that movie I got it on my 80s too. Tounge Stuck to a Flag Pole is the best part.

    can you help me find the new video i can’t find it.

    I love the snow too very cool. And also I see a new photo on I like the photo of you and Todd very nice.

  4. My daughter offered to buy me one for Christmas this year. I had to say no — I have a wife too.

  5. LOL! I was just thinking about that movie, except it was about the part where the boy opens the gift from his aunt and its pink bunny pajamas…funny!

  6. One of my all time favorite Christmas movies. :mrgreen: Nice choice. 😉

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