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Photo Friday- WINTER!


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: WINTER

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Most of these photos were taken 2 years ago. It was April and the flowers had just started blooming. A snow storm came through and I took many pictures that day. It was the first time in years that I took scenic photos and it renewed within me a desire to continue taking photos. Here are a few of my favorite from that day:

My favorite Winter scene

My favorite Winter scene

And now, for another fun snow day with the kids:

Baby Girl Sledding (this was taken in January 2006, prior to her diagnosis in October 2006

Baby Girl Sledding (this was taken in January 2006, prior to her diagnosis in October 2006

Our Beloved Scout, may he RIP....But a favorite winter photo none the less

Our Beloved Scout, may he RIP....But a favorite winter photo none the less

12th December: Slim’s choice – Christmas Lights

19th December: Author’s choice – The Festive Season

26th December: Photo Friday is taking a break ……. BUT as an option … for those full up with turkey … stuffed to the gills with chocolates … all boozed out … needing a break from the relatives … sick of the festive TV programmes … itching for some “me time” on the computer …. you can post: “funny Christmas photos OR video or of my family” – past and present pictures acceptable! The funnier and more festive the better!

2nd January: New year Video Challenge entitled: New Year Resolutions! (be brave, commit your New Year Resolutions to video so we can all check up on you achieving them as the year progresses!)


7 Responses

  1. That first photo is phenom, the sort I’d aspire to take with my new camera. Thanks!

  2. Great pictures. That first one is truly specatcular. Ethereal. Lovely.

  3. Very beautiful winter pictures, the first one is very beautiful. The pictures of the kids are cute, looks like they were having fun. I like the picture of the kitty too..

  4. great photo T . Love them all.

    I put your name by m the last one on my page. eveyone is doing great here. we are getting the house ready for christmas.

  5. This is the most fabulous collection of Winter photos – worthy of another Gold Award. The first 3 are exquisite – artisic and lovely. I love the colours and the overall image.
    The pic of Baby girl sledding is adorable – and a super angle for the photo. And the group of children fun too.

    The pic of Scout? It won my heart – just gorjuss!

    Thanks Jan, a gold award! YAY! We miss Scout a lot too.

  6. All great pics. Not much winter here. Still running around in sandals and t-shirts. 😐 Thank you for sharing. 😉

    We haven’t had much of anything here yet either besides rain…We usually have pretty mild winters. I think we will get a good snowstorm here this year though. I miss Tucson

  7. That first pic is awesome, did you manipulate the coloring or is that real? Either way, it’s very neat!

    I added a hint of saturation after I took the photo because it looked black and white otherwise. I am glad you enjoy

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