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80’s Monday- John Lennon assassination

80’s Monday

You can view other participant’s entries here:

When I was in 2nd grade, I woke up to find my mother crying. I didn’t understand what was wrong or why she was crying. She told me that someone she loved, someone she grew up with had died-John Lennon. I went to school and everyone was talking about it. I told everyone that my mother knew him and grew up with him. I didn’t understand till later that she never personally knew him. I also found out later what an extraordinary loss it was to our world the day John Lennon was shot:


The Day the Music Died

December 8, 1980


5 Responses

  1. Did anyone watch the movie The US vs John Lennon? Have you ever heard of Cointelpro or the covert war on rock? Some interesting reading.

  2. You are being awfully quiet again….what’s going on? I must have been in my own little world when John Lennon died, I never paid any attention to anyone in the news unless I had to do it for homework. I had never heard of the Beetles, maybe because my mom didn’t care for their music. Don’t know.
    I have been quiet mostly because I can’t internet surf at work anymore. I don’t have time to do much when I am at home…. Sorry about being so quiet!

  3. It was a sad day when John Lennon past away. That was the end of the Beatles era.

  4. When I was in 6th Grade the beatles had just started. They were a big music sensation amongst the teen agers. I basically grew up with them from 6th grade all the way through high school.

  5. that one is a great one.

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