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Retail Widow

Well, I was in bed, and I was asleep, but I thought I heard someone in the house so I got up and took a look around. I am here alone tonight.

This is the week that I lose my husband to retail madness. Everyone is going to his store for Thanksgiving Dinner so he has to work all night to get the production done so they are well stocked on cheese. I always joke that my husband cuts the cheese for a living, but it is true.

Now my heart is pounding through my chest because I thought someone was in the house. Turns out it was just the storm raging outside. Thank God.

I am so thankful and proud of my husband for the long hours he puts in, but I always miss him most this week before Thanksgiving.

Now to try to get some sleep again. Alone in my big bed. Sigh.

3 Responses

  1. I am glad it was only a storm…I understand about being alone at night in a big bed, but I’m used to it. Cutting the cheese…lol, that is funny.

  2. LOL Tina… he cuts the cheese for a living. That’s the best one I’ve heard today.

    And I’m glad it was only the storm.


  3. Good night~

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