Weight Update

Not much to report, I lost only .2 lbs this week.

It’s a loss so I am happy. Hopefully next week it will be more. I am down to a size 18. I was at size 24. My goal is to be a size 10.

Edit: This morning, I weighed in again and I actually have dropped exactly 2 lbs from last week. Peter Parkour must have forseen the future with his comment….I think I had a lot of water yesterday morning which is what prompted me to weigh in again today.

My husband in his comment is referring to this:


9 Responses

  1. Awesome! Don’t know you, but am proud of your progress, nonetheless!

  2. Yay for you!!!!!!

  3. Good for you!! Congratulations!

  4. Looking good t love great photo great job

  5. :mrgreen: SEE! 😉 Way to go. That picture is pretty cool. Very Cool. Super COOL!

  6. Well done – steady and sure is the way to go!

  7. Dude, you should totally post a picture of yourself holding up that pair of jeans you had in your hands this morning. That was bloody impressive!

    Those used to be your *painted-on* jeans, snug, tight, sexy. Now you could probably fit yourself and one of the kids in them.


    Got it up…. what an amazing thing to see that this morning lol!

  8. Stop playin’… two pounds is great. I’m guessing way better than the numbers that I’ll be putting up tomorrow. 😐 Bunny, JavaQueen and I will be right behind you… one of these days. 😉 Keep showing us how it’s done. 😀

    I wish it was 2 lbs, it is only 2/10 of a pound….

    You all can do it. I look forward to seeing your success in the New Year

  9. CONGRATS!!! You should just be so proud of yourself. You are doing wonderful not only for yourself, but for your whole family. I gotta take a page out of your book! Ok, I will, but not til the new year cuz I’m just not ready to commit just yet 😉 I’ll get there too, I promise and then I’ll have good weight loss stories to share too- I gotta get my arse in gear….

    Really, way to go!

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