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Photo Friday: Facial Expressions


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Facial Expressions

If you are a participant please link back to your Photo Friday using Mr. Linky below:

You can view other participants entries at:

Teenage Angst aka I am emo
Teenage Angst aka “I am emo”

Tired Boy
Tired Boy
Catching Flies?
Catching Flies?
OMG MOM!!! Your like, so embarrassing!!!!
OMG MOM!!! Your like, so embarrassing!!!!

28th November: Tina’s choice – Thankfulness (to celebrate Thanksgiving)

5th December: Author’s choice: Winter

12th December: Slim’s choice – Christmas Lights

19th December: Author’s choice – The Festive Season


5 Responses

  1. That last one is so funny…we all have our moments! I like the one of baby girl too, that’s just very cute.

  2. Yeah, the self-portrait takes the cake.

    Your kids are all so cute!

  3. stell love the photo of pinky, I just love the look on kids face on the last one. great job t

  4. LOL…..I agree with Jan. If looks could kill, honey you would be DEAD!

  5. I love the self portrait best – and the kids expressions in the back seat as they squirm with a “that’s my Mom moment” are priceless.
    The individual pics of the kids are gorgeous too.

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