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I have always known that I work with unintelligent nitwits. I can totally relate to the commercial with the guy trying to explain a presentation to a bunch of monkeys at work. I am usually SO there.

But today, I was introduced to a new level of stupidity.

I work for a very large credit union. I work at the headquarters office. We have 5000 employees in the building where I work. To get to headquarters we all drive down a residential street. If anyone has an accident or is driving crazy down the street, or gets a ticket on the street, we all get to see as we go in or out of work. If this happens, everyone is usually talking about so and so who got pulled over…etc.

Well this morning on the way to work, someone hit a deer on this residential street. The poor deer was covered in blood and trying to stand up as we passed the scene.

A few minutes later a co-worker comes running in, sits down at her desk and proceeds to call 911. I listen from my cubicle as she screams she needs an ambulance and I thought someone else had been hit. I hear her answering their questions, and finally she explains that she needs an ambulance for the deer that had been hit.

Of course I am laughing so hard at this point that there are tears streaming down my eyes. I feel bad for the deer, but an ambulance? I sit too close to her so I am trying to hold it in too. The 911 operator patiently explains to her that they do not work on animals and they would only send an ambulance if a human was hurt.

My co-worker couldn’t believe it. All day she was fuming that the ambulance wouldn’t come take the deer to the hospital. I suggested she call animal control, which came and put the poor deer out of it’s misery. My co-worker was even angrier that they killed the poor deer. She found that to be inhumane that they killed the poor deer. She would have preferred the deer suffer.


5 Responses

  1. wow……… That is one stupid coworker….O_O

  2. That is one confused co-worker ya got there. It would have broken my heart to see that deer but c’mon man- use your head!!!! WOWOW!

  3. I think I work with some people who would have made the same call.


  4. nice. venison.

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