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Weight Update

4 lb gain.

Are you kidding me?

4 lb gain.

This week I discovered a few triggers I have. When there is no money, I freak out. I was raised on a “feast or famine” mentality. My father is a carpenter and when he was working, it was a feast. We had lots of food on the table. When he was out of work (which happened more than him working) there was famine.

Normally my husband is awesome about making sure there is lots of food available in the house. Knowing that I can eat it, it’s there, mentally is a good thing for me. It may take me 6 months to eat it, but knowing it is there to eat does wonders for me.

Last Saturday we had an unexpected debit hit our account which wiped our bank account to zero. Sunday I went to withdraw $20.00 to get soup at work all week for lunch, and it wasn’t there. I also knew my husband didn’t have groceries bought.

I went right into famine mode eating everything I could to store for the week ahead. Add to that the stress of the upcoming procedure I am about to have, add to that my employer started coming after us about the money we still owe on the 2nd mortgage on our now foreclosed home, add to that TOM giving me chocolate cravings every 5 seconds with no money to get any…..

This week sucked.

We got paid yesterday and some money from a fund raiser for Baby Girl came in making things a lot better….

But 4lbs?????

Time to run those 4lbs off this weekend. I might have to run for 2 hours straight on both Saturday and Sunday.


271…. (moans)


5 Responses

  1. Don’t Panic. (Douglas Adams) it’ll come right – trust me. Your intentions are there – just remember today is another day.

    Hope your luck improves. Sending you a lucky irish (((((hug)))))

  2. Friend, dun push urself too much, go slow…
    Just control daily input and do enuff exercise shud be ok…

  3. I feel ya lady. If I have five bucks left in the bank, you can almost guarantee it will be spend at Burger King. 😐 But don’t sweat it lady. There are bound to be ups with all your downs. As long as there are more downs than ups, it’s all good. 😉

  4. you will get it off. I went to the doctor Monday thinking I had gained weight because I’d been eating a lot more than usual and found out I had lost five pounds…but then I have been eating a lot of salads and started taking a water pill. it was a nice surprise…a lot of my problem is stress too, especially my art students.

  5. I know that lack of money is a trigger for me as well. I am so sorry for this string of “bad luck”. I hopeit gets better soon!!!!

    {{{{ }}}}

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