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Obama is a white man too….

Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States. Congratulations to him on winning the race.

Everyone in the country is standing up and cheering that we have elected the first African American into the White House. Just when I thought it was politically incorrect to look at color….

Since everyone is talking about it, I just want everyone to remember that Barack Obama is also white. He is a mixture of both races. Everyone seems to forget that part and seems to only look at the color of his skin. I think this little fact is overlooked too much, because as a man of mixed race, he understands both cultures far better than most.

So while you all are celebrating that a “black man” is in office, I hope you remember that we have elected a man who has overcome great odds to get where he is.

The job of president shouldn’t have anything to do with the color of his skin. It is a job to be a leader, to inspire people, to protect our country, to represent our nation to others. The color of his skin has nothing to do with any of those jobs, as religion doesn’t have a role in those jobs either.

I will pray for President-Elect Obama in the months ahead, as he takes office. I hope you all don’t expect to see the changes Obama promised right away. These things take time, and they needed to happen regardless of who was elected. I hope we can all look past the color of his skin to the man who will lead us and guide us over the next four years. I hope we can all feel that he understands our plight, the poor, the rich, the working middle class. I hope that he can get our troops safely out of Iraq at the appointed time. I hope he can help others keep their homes, and hold judgement on those who have lost theirs, like we did.

I hope this is coming out the way I intend, not to sound like a racist, but as someone who looks beyond the color to the man leading us, regardless of his skin color. I got chills of pure excitement when it was announced that Obama won, knowing I was witnessing history. Today I want to focus my attention past that to the man who is our future president.

What are your thoughts on this election?

4 Responses

  1. You make a great point Tina – he IS white too. And maybe his understanding of both cultures will make him the great president he promises to be. He is certainly “My American Boy!”

  2. I’m pleased and hope that there is the change that is promised.

  3. I have to say, I’m probably not in the majority in my belief that America has been plenty ready for a black president for nearly two decades now.

    Sure, we have our fair share of very vocal bigots.

    But the redneck agenda is not why we haven’t elected a black president in previous elections. It is because the black men who ran for president in the past weren’t presidential material and it showed.

    Granted, Obama will have an easier time of it than any of his predecessors would have as times continue to change and little by little the younger generations refuse to accept the bigoted bullsh!t of their fathers.

    But for me it really comes down to the fact that he was just what America needed right now. You’re right. Skin color isn’t the issue.

    As Kelly says, Barak represents change. And we need change. The status quo has become dangerously stagnant.

  4. I wept a little when they announced that Obama has won. I got teary at various points watching the coverage after.

    Yes, in part, because of what it means for us as a nation to have finally broken the barrier of our President always being a white man. We are one step closer to a woman president, an asian president, a president who isn’t Christian.

    But, I wept mainly because regardless of what he is or is not able to achieve as President in terms of keeping his campaign promises his election represents a desire held by the majority of the nation that it is time for change. Yes it is rhetoric. Yes it is a catchy slogan. But apparantly those words spoke to many more people than I ever dared believe was possible.

    It is this that has stirred the hope in my soul again that perhaps the future that my children will be adults in may not be as bleak as I feared it would be.


    PS If my logic is a bit disjointed I apologize I have yet to have any caffeine and am therefore not quite fully awake

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