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Weekly Weigh In

The scale continues to move downward. I am now at 266.8. I was 269.2. That is a little over 2 lbs. I am so excited!

lets take a look at my measurements for a moment. They are just as important:

Start Current Loss

Waist                45in                   39.5in                     5.5in

Hips                  56in                   50in                        6in

Chest                 50in                     44in                         6in

Neck                   15.75in                15in                       .75in

Upper Rib Cage    43in                     41.5in                   1.5in

Total inches lost= 19.25!!!

Even though I don’t see the results on the scale, I can feel it in my clothes, in everything. I have lost half a foot from my waist and my hips. I am losing inches. It sure feels good too!

If you are losing weight currently, be sure to keep track of your measurements. Sometimes that is where you see the most changes!


3 Responses

  1. I weigh in tomorrow, and I’m dreading it again. 😐 I’ll be glad when I get my a$$ in gear and actually start doing some losing like you, my hero. 😉 For now I’m hoping for a “no gain” weigh in. We shall see.

  2. That is so great!

  3. woo hoo

    You’re doing great, hon.

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