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Photo Friday- Ha Ha Ha Halloween


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Halloween

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Spider at a local flower shop


Witch pumpkin should I choose?

My husband carved this last year with no pattern

My kids costumes last year- Ms Artistic as Paris Hilton, Baby Girl as Hermoine, and Mr. Athletic the vampire

8 Responses

  1. Super cool pics.
    As always. . . peace, light and love to you and yours. . .

  2. that pumpkin face thing is amazing. well done! Happy Halloween!

  3. I love that spider, that is so funny!

  4. I love those pics and I wish your hubby could come and carve a pumpkin for me. His looks awesome!

  5. i like the pumpkin carving up there and the giant spider made me laugh too- i think the funnest part of halloween is the decorations

  6. Happy Halloween! 😀

  7. Fabulous pics. The kids seem to be having such fun – Ilove that photo.
    I’l be back later to add my linkie as my post isn’t ready to put on my blog yet!

  8. great photos I love the one with the kids. I put some photo of the your kids from last year on my page too.

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