Weigh In

Well, if you checking up on me, you may have noticed my weight hasn’t changed….You might have thought that I didn’t weigh in yet.

I have, last week I was 168.8 and this week I am 169.4. I gained .6 lbs.

I am not upset or worried. I think I gained water weight. I also had a huge steak dinner on Thursday night to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I think that affected the weigh in as well. I know I am gaining muscle.

This week for the first time, I went to take the dog out. My pants fell around my knees while I was chasing the dog. It was in the front yard too (blush!).

Today I have to work, but I am going to use the gym at work to run on the treadmill for 30 min, something I could never have done before. I may even try running at a slight incline to burn more calories.

This is really working for me and I am never ever ever turning back. Never.

My goal next week is to be 167.


3 Responses

  1. Baby steps. 😉 I bet once the wave of embarrassment faded it was replaced with pride. 😀

  2. i’m with melanie on the quiet thing… wordpress is not the same without ur commentary 🙂 and congrats on ur weightloss. my boss told me im getting fat… but the fact of the matter is i was just wearing 2 shirts.

  3. I don’t like it when you are so quiet. Wish I could exercise and lose weight like you are doing, but I have to take it easy with the hip. I am proud of you.

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