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Photo Friday- Night


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Night

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Before I begin I just want to remember my Uncle Ed, Spatulahandle & Slim Shaney’s father. Today would have been his birthday. Without him in our lives, the sun just doesn’t shine as bright as it used to. He was an amazing Uncle and friend.

I adore the coolness that night brings this time of year. However, my camera doesn’t take such great photos at night. I got this picture of the moon the other night.


This weekend I am going camping with my mom and the kids, so I hope to get some great photos while exploring the autumn wonderland. No official weigh in this week as a result.

See ya soon!

5 Responses

  1. Lovely picture, and I think that the little dot under the moon is Mars. I did a pic of this a bit ago on my site which showed Mars when it was really close to earth, but your silhouetted trees look so much better than what was in mine.

  2. Camping…I want to go! I like the picture, mine are kinda similar, but the stars didn’t come out in them.

  3. Man t that photo is just beautiful . It was hard fbeor me to get a photo stars. Your camera is the best.

  4. those nighttime shots are almost impossible without the right camera… thank God for digital editing stuff lol

  5. Hi TT,

    Have a great weekend camping! Hope the weather is good for you.

    I accidentally linked to music first – then had to re-link to night – so feel fre to delete my first link to music.

    I tried to do a pic like this but my camera just isn’t good enough – or maybe I’m not skilled enough to get the best out of it. LOL!

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