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Baby Girl News

Yesterday Baby Girl got to have her quarterly CT scan of her pelvis and the yearly CT scan of her chest. Doctor wants these done to be sure that the cancer has not “wakened” in her bones. The chest CT is to be sure the cancer has not spread to her lungs.

To do the CT, the technician has to start an IV so they can put a dye into her veins for them to show up on the scan. Baby Girl is normally very brave and has never cried when this has happened, until yesterday.

I watched the technician take her arm in her hands and “feel” for a good vein. I guess she was looking for something spongy. She found one and then proceeded to punch the needle almost two inches from the vein she felt! She was digging around, finally found the vein after inserting the needle all the way into BG’s arm. Then she started putting saline in and tried to pull it back out. No blood came out. She had missed the vein again. So, instead of pulling it out, she went back to digging through the arm!

Finally after BG started to whimper she pulled the needle out and decided to get someone else. In comes a one-eyed phlobotemist. The other eye was glass…. we have had her before and she was just as bad as the first one.

Baby Girl looked at me and mouthed the words “Help Me!” and I asked the tech to get someone else. She tried but no one else was available. Ms. One Eye was on her way. This time she was better and only dug in BG’s other arm for a minute before finding the vein. They sent us into the waiting room where BG was pale and began to sob into my shoulder. I felt completly helpless. My heart broke into little peices.

We go on October 21 for the results. I will keep you posted.

7 Responses

  1. October 21st is my one month unemployed anniversary. Be sure to give us some good new. I’m sorry to hear Baby Girl had such a hard time. I have the same problem every time I blood work done, because my veins such. 😐 Poor baby.

  2. OMG I just so hate it when these technicians are so poor at what they do. Many a time I’ve had a simple blood test that’s left me looking bruised beyond belief.

    Poor Baby girl. Hugs.

  3. Oh poor BabyGirl!!! I am so sorry that she had to endure such an unnecessarily painful episode.

    Fingers crossed for good results

  4. When Mr.AC/DC was 4 mos old he had a 101 tep. the dr told me to go take him down stairs to get some blood work done. So I went down stairs that nurese she could not find a vein. so she call the dr and he came down stairs and got the blood in one shout. He cryed unto he was red I fill so bad for him.

    So I am so sorry baby girl that happine to you. And I hope you don’t ever get that nurse agan. love you missy

  5. I was there when BG got home. both her arms by her elbows had gauze and tape on them. last night at the football game BG complained that both her arms hurt. She was truely miserable.

  6. When I had Karalyn the nurses poked me a million times before they finally found a vein. After I had her, the nurse was taking the IV out and accidentally slipped and put the needle straight through the vein in my wrist where the IV was at…I was bruised clear up to my elbow.
    Give baby girl hugs for me, poor thing!

  7. GAH! Poor sweet thing. I will keep you in my prayers…

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