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Urgent Prayer Request

I have a cousin whom I have been very close to growing up. On Saturday her apartment was in a fire. She lost a bed and a couch and can not live in the place for a while. Here is a video of her talking about the apartment fire. She will be living with friends until she can get back into her apartment. I am so thankful that she is OK.

Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. There are some other issues with the family that I prefer not to get into, but in many ways this fire has been a blessing in disguise. There is a lot of emotions and feelings stirred up. Please pray for healing for all involved.

Thank you so much!

3 Responses

  1. How terrible. 😦 Glad to hear everyone was ok. Very brave of her to publicly announce her suspicions. 😕

  2. She is alway in my prayers. I am happy that she is ok.

  3. I am glad that everyone is safe and unharmed … couches are easier to replace than people. Iw ill keep a good thought for her.

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