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Weight Update

[image source- Brahnamin]

Well, since recognizing that I am over the hump, I have to admit that I didn’t do as well this week as normal. I went over my calories, especially last night right before weigh in. I was pretty confident I would still lose though.

I was right, I am down another pound, but if I stay good this week I am hoping to enter into the 260’s. I am excited for that!!! I haven’t been in the 260’s since I was married to the Cat Juggler!

This week I am going to change my days off to Tuesday and Thursday and have some strength training on Monday and Friday. These are the days before my weigh in so I want to be able to go in there with something good.

Today I am going to try to run for an hour straight without stopping. That is my goal. It’s only an hour….right?


5 Responses

  1. Very inspirational – you are doing so well!

  2. Erm . . . I just noticed you modified my image a wee little bit . . . LoL


  3. Only an hour, she says.

    I’m proud of you, honey.

  4. 31 lbs gone forever! You are such an inspiration to me hun! One day I will follow in your footsteps.

  5. A pound is good. Nothing wrong with that. 😉 Four more sticks of butter to the wind. 😀

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