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It makes me SMILE!!!

I got tagged with a meme that a very good old high school friend- Peter Parkour (it’s an alias…shhhhh) actually made up himself. The meme is basically to post a song that makes you smile. I hope everyone on my blogroll also participates in this meme, to spread the word and to make people smile. The only rules are you have to smile when your doing the meme, and you have to refer back to Peter Parkour’s blog since he is the creator of the meme.

It is so hard not to call Peter by his real name… But Peter… I am smiling OK? I hope your happy!!!!!

So the song that makes me smile is a song that was very popular among Christian circles when I was a teenager. This song was the “anthem” for many teen gatherings I attended in those years. I made many friends at these places and every time I hear this song, It brings back a million memories and I see so many faces of people that I met and even grew to love.

At 15 I moved across the country with my family and this song was in my mind as I left so many behind, including you Peter Parkour. I haven’t seen many of those friends, but the memories that flood me as I listen to this song just makes me smile with the memories of so many.

I would like to say, this one is for you especially Jamie, Melanie, Missy, Selina, Chris, Victor, Myrum, Angel, Link, Jeff, Kim, Annelle, Gail, Kevin, Poppy, Eric, Michelle, Paul, Tracey, Corky, Tom, Shiela, Stephen, Jennifer & Shelly. Thanks for being a part of my life and being the best part of my childhood in Tucson.

So, here is Michael W. Smith’s “Friends”

5 Responses

  1. Lovely song.

  2. I got mine up now go look when you have a chace

  3. I love that song.

    I thank i do one too

  4. I like that song.

  5. I’m happy if you’re happy. 😉 That was a great little telling leading up to your happy song. It put a smile on my face. 😀 A very touching tale. Thank you so very much for taking part in my meme. Awesome job.

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