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Photo Friday- Autumn Colors/ Fall


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Colors of Autumn/Fall

Fall has not arrived here where I live yet, so I went digging for photos that had Fall colors in the past. Here is what I found:

Football in the Fall, what a glorious time!

A beautiful tree in it's fall glory

A beautiful tree in it's Fall Wardrobe

Ms. Artistic hiding amoungst the Fall Leaves when she was 7 yrs old

Ms. Artistic hiding amongst the Fall Leaves when she was 7 yrs old

A fall sky with all the colors of fall, red, orange, and yellow

A fall sky with all the colors of fall, red, orange, and yellow

This week I am starting to use Mr. Linky for the other participants.

If you are a participant please link back to your Photo Friday using Mr. Linky below:

Please click the link to view other participants entries:

Stay tuned for these future Photo Friday’s:

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8 Responses

  1. The colors in the trees in the football pic are so incredibly rich. I need to do a fall leaves trip sometime to a place that gets those purples and reds! Gorgeous!

  2. That head in the leaves is FREAKY!

  3. those r all neat pix… i think my fav is ur ms. artistic lol gj

  4. beautiful photo

  5. Beautiful pictures! I figured out why the link I gave you wasn’t working. I had and extra space in it. Thanks for fixing it.

  6. Beautiful photos! Where do you live that you aren’t seeing color yet?
    I live in Virginia. Our peak Fall times will be November 1-11 this year….I remember when it was before Halloween…. I guess that is what global warning does….

  7. Those are some really great pics, hon. I love that shot from the boy’s game.

  8. Hi TT,

    Those are beautiful Autumn colours – it’s my favourite time of year.

    Could you please remove the food link I put in Mr Linkie by accident – sorry! You jus press on the cross to remove it. Ta!

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