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Ok, I finally get it!!!

For the last few weeks my body has been gaining muscle and losing fat. I haven’t changed weight but for 1 or 2 lbs the last month. I was getting frustrated and even wrote a post about it.

I was ready to give up on strength training. I am built like a man with the exception of my girlie parts. I am 6’1, I have broad shoulders, and I am a huge woman. The last thing I want to look like is a giant muscle monstrosity. I was even worried I may turn into a 270 lb all muscle, football player- looking woman!!!!

My dear husband has been trying for weeks to explain to me why muscle is better, but all I could think of was He-Woman…. My own fears blocked out all he has been trying to tell me. Then I came across this photo:

Each of these things weight the same, 5lbs… however the muscle is so lean and beautiful! The fat is lumpy and large….

This is why some people who are larger than me weigh less than me. I actually am starting to look very good even though I haven’t lost but 28 lbs. I have a shape, my waist is shrinking. People even tell me that I don’t look very “fat” anymore.

Now that I have seen this picture I totally get it…. I want muscle because it makes you look leaner and healthier. It is smaller and more dense. I want to strength train. I want to weight lift. I want muscles!!!! Even it is 275 lbs of them… muscle is good!

(Sorry honey that I didn’t just listen to you)

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  1. OK that picture is just gross.

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