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My body is at war with my mind

Weight loss is so complicated. When I begin to lose weight it seems to fall off of me easily and effortlessly.

Until I hit this plateau. I have been the same weight (with the exception of two pounds) for three weeks now. I am not used to only losing a pound at a time. I am not used to working my butt off with not a thing to show for it. I have been frustrated and in tears the past few days.

I have discovered my body and my mind are at war. I want and need to be 100 lbs less than what I am now, and my body is being stubborn. It doesn’t want to move. It loves to be the weight I am right now.

However, my will is stronger. I will get below 275. I will start dropping weight again soon. I am determined and I will not let my body win this fight. I will win this battle. It may take time, but I will not allow my body to determine what weight it wants to be.  I will exercise with more strength. I will eat what is good for me and avoid what is not.

I will win. I will win. I will win.

 I have won.


7 Responses

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  2. you will do it! I have so much faith in you dont let this plateau get you down. Just keep going

  3. Keep trying. You’ll get there!

  4. Stick with it – your determination will win the day!

  5. You can do this.

  6. I am sorry that you have been stuck at a plateau. I know how frustrating that is. But I know that even if the scale isnt moving that your strength and endurance are increasing!!

    Keep going and the weight will start falling off again.

  7. You rock T and you will win this fight 🙂

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