Inspirational 5K race

This weekend was so magical.

 I decided I wanted to run in the 5k race my work was hosting to celebrate my new lifestyle. It was a run/walk. I asked the kids if they wanted to participate and both Baby Girl and Mr. Athletic decided to join me, Ms. Artistic offered to volunteer. 

We got up early Saturday morning and went. We lined up at the start line and when they yelled “go” I watched my kids take off and never look back. My whole chest welled up with such emotion I couldn’t catch a breath. I had tears streaming down my cheeks.

2 years ago we were going through tests wondering what was eating up Baby Girl’s pelvis. A month later they found chondrosarcoma, a rare bone cancer in her pelvis. They removed the golf ball sized tumor from her pelvis along with 13 cm of bone they never replaced.

The doctors told us she would never walk normally again, and may need crutches or a cane the rest of her life. 6 months later she proved them wrong as she walked normally for short distances. Then they said she would need a cane if she walked over 2 miles. This summer she began walking 3 miles with me training for this 5k. Then they said if she ran over a mile she would need to use the cane the rest of the day.

I thought of all she has overcome and how she took off and never looked back. It filled every muscle with strength and I stopped crying and took off running. I ran slow. I was the fattest woman in the race but I didn’t stop running. I ran past all the little skinny walkers. Knowing that little girl was somewhere ahead of me running her heart out with all she has overcome made me not want to stop until I reached her or the finish line.

I found her at the finish line. She had finished 8 minutes before me in 43 minutes. I finished in 51 minutes.

Mr. Athletic the super-runner had finished the race in 24:24. He came in 69th place overall (Out of men of all ages). In his age category (19 and under) he finished 4th behind two 19 yr olds and an 18 yr old. At age 10, he was the first kid to finish the race.

It was an amazing accomplishment for all of us, me for running my first race, losing 28 lbs to get there, and to overcome asthma was a big thing.

That night I celebrated my 5th anniversary with the love of my life, the Cat Juggler. We would never have made it through these years without his love and support. I am so grateful he calls me his wife.


8 Responses

  1. that’s awesome.
    good for you guys!

  2. I was there!!! I watched all three of you run that race. I am so very proud of all three of you. I am proud of you, because you did finish and you had the guts to run that race. I am very proud of baby girl because of her illness and that she has accomplished so much and worked hard to run that race. And I am so proud of mr athletic for finishing the race in 24:24. We did see him finish and he was the first child to finish the race.

  3. Congrats to all of you!!! Your family is an inspiration to me 🙂

  4. Congratulations to you all. 😀 Mama Kelly hit the nail on the head. You guys are amazing. 😉

  5. You guys have come a long way from where you were two years ago. Congratulations, I am a very proud cousin! Congratulations on your Anniversary also, I was wondering how long you two have been married…not to much longer than David and I.

  6. You guys are amazing!! I am proud of all 3 of you!

  7. Congrats to all three of you!

  8. Hi t,

    I got here via Mr Linkie – so it seems to be working.

    What a proud moment for you ALL on Saturday, and what a wonderful accomplishment for Baby Girl to finish in record time – especially since September is Childhood Cancer Month. Congratulations to you all.

    And 5 year anniversary as well – wonderful. Warmest wishes. I hope you celebrated big style.

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