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Weight Update

Lost a pound. But it’s a loss, not a gain. Making 12 dozen cookies last night for church didn’t help, I am sure.

I did the Tanita scale on Wednesday and according to that reading I actually lost 5 lbs of fat this week but gained 4lbs of muscle. The last time this happened I had a huge loss the following week.

I will be glad to get out of the 270’s.

Funny thing has been happening this week… For the first time in YEARS I am getting honks when I go run. At first I thought they were honking at my daughters but when I turned to look, they were actually giving me that lustful stare… WTF?

I am also getting double takes from guys again. I don’t think anyone realizes just what life is like when you are not appreciated for the way you look, and you are just some random woman. It is nice to be looked at again. Of course my husband always appreciated my looks, but I thought he was just crazy.

Mr. Nascar, how are you doing? When does our challenge end? Halloween?

Time to run again, I am at 2 minutes jog, 6 minutes walking. Next weekend is a 5K

4 Responses

  1. Well done. And the “honks” must be a real boost to moral.

  2. Jogging is teh ebil.

  3. 1 lb is still 1 lb. You are such a motivation! I cant even imagine jogging

  4. One pound. Imagine one pound of butter or lard. That’s quite a bit. Now multiply that by four. Awesome-er. 😉

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