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Waiting on Hannah

The rain has just started, and I have made it home tonight safe and sound. I am so glad to be moved away from the house with the big trees all around with roots growing on top of the ground. The nearest trees to us are far enough away that they can’t damage the house.

Tropical Storm Hannah is coming our way. I am not expecting much from this storm. Mostly I am expecting to still go out and run in the morning. I will have to see how it looks outside.

I am going to do a weigh in post in the morning and let you all know how Hannah is treating us.

I will keep you posted as long as we have power and internet.

One Response

  1. The eye is suppose to pass just to the west of Lumberton. We are expecting at least 60 MPH winds. We have our generator ready to go and plenty of canned food.

    You guys be careful

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