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A setback!!!

I am pretty irritated tonight. I was taking down the trampoline yesterday. Everything was going well and I got it all the way down. Then I began hauling the stuff near the back fence so we could easily access it. On my last load I stepped in a hole and felt my already weak ankle twist.

I was able to push past the pain initially, trying hard not to let it get to me. Then it began swelling. It got bigger and bigger last night. I still tried to act like nothing was wrong. That didn’t last long.

My fears came to fruition. I sprained the darn thing. It hurt worse last night the more I was on it.

Today I realized I would not be able to run on it without hurting it more. I could feel it was super weak. I thought I might be able to tape it, but even then I am afraid it will twist and hurt me worse.

So, no running. Not until it’s better.

I can still walk on it. I did walk on it tonight, but no power walking either. I thought I could but once I started walking I felt it twist slightly. I caught it before I did more damage.

I am going to still go to spin on Wednesday and do most of the weight training this week. I should be OK, just lower cardio stuff on the weekends for a bit. (Of course moving next weekend should be interesting).

5 Responses

  1. The saga continues. Tune in next week when our courageous angel battles mutant spiders as they try to make off with her car. 😛

    Geez, lady. We don’t mind a slow day on your blog. Self injury or mutilation isn’t necessary. 😉

    Take it easy. Don’t push yourself too hard. I sprained my ankle in kindergarten and it turned me into a couch jockey for two weeks, and kids are made like Rubbermaid. There are exercises you can do on your butt. Take a load off those feet for a while. 🙂

  2. Girl I feel your pain. I did that to mine about a year ago. The doctor actually thought I had broken it. Thank god it was just a bad sprain and pulled tendions. Is that another Blystra curse? I am always twisting my ankles. Just walkin and steping a pebble can cause me to go down. I hate it.

    I hope you feel better very soon. Just take it easy, if I was closer I would bring you my crutches!

  3. Ouch!

    Now you’ll have to take it easy! Use the magic word: DELEGATE! You decide, they do, you watch ….

  4. Ice 20 minutes to numb the pain, 20 minutes heat to promote the healing. 3 times a day!

  5. Be careful! When I sprained my ankle and didn’t slow down and rest, I sprained it three more times before I got wise and stayed completely off of it and it finally healed. Take it easy! Hope you feel better.

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