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I have no other way to describe the emotion I feel tonight. I am amazed and touched to my core. Tonight our church held a benefit dinner for Baby Girl and some other kids at the church who are going through cancer. The benefit was a spaghetti dinner/silent auction. Over 100 items were donated.

When we got there we discovered that nearly 500 people showed up for the benefit. There were so many people that I didn’t know. Not only that but people were bidding like mad on the stuff.

I want to share something that truly touched me tonight:

I saw her limp into the church, in obvious pain. She was a stout woman with a plain face. There was nothing more significant about her than her obvious limp. Her husband held her arm in support. She waved away buying a ticket for dinner. She was there for a specific purpose. I saw her stop and ask someone a question. The person pointed in the direction of Baby Girl, my daughter. She made a bee line for my daughter walking with a stiff leg that didn’t move well.

When she got to her, I overheard her ask if she was the Baby Girl she read about in the paper. My daughter affirmed. She looked like she wanted to hug her but offered her hand instead and introduced herself with a tear in her eye. “I am so glad to meet you… I am J. I am a 4 1/2 year survivor of Chondrosarcoma, the same cancer you had. I read about you in the paper.

My jaw hit the floor. This cancer is so rare most of us are told we will never meet someone else in our lifetime with this cancer. Here this woman came out just to meet another survivor. With tears in my eyes I introduced myself as her mother. We talked for awhile. She has had 9 surgeries with hers. They removed a lot of her tibia bone.

We learned we lived about 2 miles from one another. We are like family simply because of this strange disease and we just met 10 minutes earlier. We exchanged numbers and plan to have dinner together sometime soon.

They left, they didn’t have any dinner. They drove a half hour just to meet baby girl.

Meeting them meant more to me than any amount of money we could have raised.


3 Responses

  1. Add me to your list of overwhelmed. Here come the tears. 😉 Beautiful story. Very touching indeed.

  2. What a touching and moving story. Thank you for sharing it.

    I know how much it had to have meant to Baby Girl to meet another survivor. I know how much it had to have meant to all of you.

    Be well
    Be blessed

    ((( Hugs Mama K )))

  3. This is really touching. I too felt overwhelmed by this lovely story. Do let us know more about her story if she doesn’t mind. 9 surgeries – awesome. And like me – in the tibia. Did it start in her pelvis like baby girl? Or in her tibia like mine?

    As you say – it is so rare to actually meet anyone who has had this type of cancer …
    If you meet up with her, or speak to her – give her my best wishes too.

    As far as I know, it started in the tibia, and stayed in the tibia, but due to other health complications (diabetes) it seems to have had much problems healing. The scar goes from her ankle to her hip

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