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Spank that @ss!!!

I am going to tread on some serious toes with this post. I actually stand tall and I am proud to tell the world publicly through this blog…


I learned long ago that there is a difference between beating and spanking. Beating is using a closed fist. Beating is hitting, where ever, when ever. Spanking is a flat palm, on the @ass. Spanking is not done in anger. It is done to correct a behavior. It is not done repeatedly for every little thing. It is done in extreme circumstances.

I never spanked my children for doing age appropriate things… like getting into my makeup, or not sharing their toys. It was only done for a direct disobedience. For instance, if I told them to pick up their toys and they shouted “no” to me. Or if I went into their room an hour later to see nothing done.

Spanking is not effective when you threaten it and don’t follow through either. The kids learn quick that you are not going to “really” do it.

I have heard many experts argue that spanking leads to violence. I say the less we spank the more violence we encounter. Since we have stopped spanking, the world has become more violent. There is less respect and a total disregard for other humans. The world has become more impersonal.

A wise woman (my grandmother) explained to me that the more you spank your kids when they are young, the less you have to spank them as they get older.

She was right.

I haven’t had to spank my kids in years. I can’t even remember the last time I had to spank them. They know it is a possibility however. It makes them think twice before they do something wrong. I get told all the time what behaved children I have.

I have to agree.

I have noticed this phenomena among my friends who didn’t spank their children. Their kids have ADHD, or they have some doctor diagnose them with some type of behavior disorder… I don’t know if it is directly related or not, but I can’t help if it is another way to make an excuse for a badly behaved child.

Are there any other butt spankers out there? Am I alone in my thoughts here?

3 Responses

  1. I agree with you 100% on the spanking. Amen sister. But I would also like to add that spanking is a job for parents and guardians, not teachers and principals.

    PS: Someone once gave me a hard time for having such pictures on my blog. 😐 Just thought I’d mention that. πŸ˜‰

  2. I spank my kids…though when I try to spank Andrew now, he’s so big, I end up getting hurt so we have found that taking stuff away for a short amount of time works with him. I haven’t had to spank them in quite a while.

  3. I want that picture on a t-shirt.

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